Burial Options and Cost Estimates

Contact the office staff at 559-734-6181 for final costs

Prices quoted do not include non-resident fee.  The non-resident fee is determined, based on the person’s residence at the time of death and can not be pre-paid.
Non-resident fees for full body burials are $750.28, for cremation $383.76, for babies $451.36.

Memorialization Only

Veteran’s Wall $100 per name of Veteran
Eagle or Angel Statue $206 per name of deceased with DOB & DOD included
Brick wall at South Land $224 for setting fee with niche plate to be purchased at monument shop

Cremation  – without an urn

Eagle’s Scattering Garden, no memorialization $236 or $459 with engraving – This is a co-mingle type burial
Section C-9 Angel Scatttering Garden includes engraving $594 – The is a co-mingle type burial
Geneva’s Garden or Firemen’s Memorial Ossuaries $736 each (up to 6) name plates (Ashes remain in bag)
Silent Hearts Ossuray $1,475 each (up to 6) Slanted upright stones with name plates (Ashes remain in bag)

Cremation – with an urn

Under the headstone area of an existing grave with owner or next of kin permission $1,089
½ grave in a flat headstone area $1,778 (up to 2 each)
½ grave in Section A (up to 2 each) $2,504
A full grave can be purchased and used for up to 4 urn burials, price depends on area selected
Eagles Niche $1,960 (above ground)
Southland Niche (by the fountain) $2,296 (above ground)

Full Body Burials

Graves range in price from $957 to $4,583 (in ground)
Crypts range in price from $5,581 to $9,001 (above ground)
Total Costs for a full body burial range in price from $3,052 to $10,612