Burial Options and Cost Estimates

Contact the office staff at 559-734-6181 for final costs. To improve the safety and security of the staff and the public, the Visalia Public Cemetery District will no longer accept any cash payments at the Cemetery Office. Contact Cemetery staff to discuss payment options.

Prices quoted do not include non-resident fee.  The non-resident fee is determined, based on the person’s residence at the time of death and can not be pre-paid.
Non-resident fees for full body burials are $750.28, for cremation $383.76, for babies $451.36.

Memorialization Only

Veteran’s Wall $100 per name of Veteran
Eagle or Angel Statue $206 per name of deceased with DOB & DOD included
Brick wall at South Land $224 for setting fee with niche plate to be purchased at monument shop

Cremation  – without an urn

Eagle’s Scattering Garden, no memorialization $236 or $459 with engraving – This is a co-mingle type burial
Section C-9 Angel Scatttering Garden includes engraving $594 – This is a co-mingle type burial
Geneva’s Garden or Firemen’s Memorial Ossuary $736 each (up to 6) name plates (Ashes remain in bag)
Silent Hearts Ossuray $1,475 each (up to 6) Slanted upright stones with name plates (Ashes remain in bag)

Cremation – with an urn

Under the headstone area of an existing grave with owner and next of kin permission $1,089
½ grave in a flat headstone area $1,778 (up to 2 each)
½ grave in Section A (up to 2 each) $2,504
A full grave can be purchased and used for up to 4 urn burials, price depends on area selected
Eagles Niche $1,960 (above ground)
Southland Niche (by the fountain) $2,296 (above ground)

Full Body Burials

Graves range in price from $957 to $4,100 (in ground)
Crypts range in price from $5,581 to $9,001 (above ground)
Total Costs for a full body burial range in price from $3,052 to $10,612

We do not accept Cash, please see our No Cash Accepted Policy