Community Cremation Scattering Day

The Visalia Public Cemetery has scheduled the first annual cremation scattering day. The scattering day will assist families in transitioning from personal possession of urns; to a permanent placement of their loved ones at the cemetery. By utilizing the scattering garden options available, families respectfully lay their loved ones to rest in both a meaningful and affordable manner.

A brief memorial service will be held prior to the scatterings. There are 2 sites to choose from, either the Eagle or the Angel. The deceased name, dates of birth and death will be engraved on the statue at their chosen site.

This year’s Scattering Day at the Visalia Public Cemetery is scheduled for Saturday, November 16,2019 @ 9am. The total cost for this service will be$300 for residents of the District. Call (734-6181) or visit the cemetery office (1300 W. Goshen, Visalia) as soon as possible but no later than November 1-, 2019 to allow ample time for processing the required paperwork. All paperwork and payments must be completed before November 13, 2019.

There are several options available for families that prefer to lay their loved ones to rest in an urn as opposed to the scattering garden, contact the cemetery office for more information.